What we offer

WP is a Technical Advisor who is able to provide the complete spectrum of services required and who has demonstrated competence in many successful projects. Key to delivering the required services is the technical advisory team and the methodology. In order to best address the key challenges, we have best experts, all of whom possess world-leading knowledge and experience in RES projects including many who have been involved in acquisition and bank finance due diligence.  

Due diligence

WP provides complex technical due diligence support for RES projects covering all stages of development from green field early stage projects to operational assets.

When investing in a project it is important to confirm that the project is being developed to industry standards ensuring the project will be suitable for financing and construction work. As a project reaches middle age and its initial operations and maintenance contract expires, the risk of significant maintenance issues can be higher, and careful consideration of O&M options for the remainder of the project’s lifetime is important to maximise revenue and profitability and minimise costly repairs and downtime.

DD process for RES project covers all major areas like:

  1. Site Assessment
    • Energy Resource Analysis: Evaluating wind speed and patterns using historical data and on-site measurements to estimate the potential energy production.
    • Environmental Impact Study: Assessing the potential environmental impacts, including effects on wildlife, vegetation, and local communities. This also involves securing necessary environmental permits.
    • Land and Property Evaluation: Ensuring clear land title, understanding local land use regulations, and securing land leases or purchase agreements.
  2. Technical Evaluation
    • Technology Review: Analyzing the specifications, performance, and reliability of the technology to be used. This includes reviewing manufacturers’ warranties and service agreements.
    • Grid Connection and Infrastructure: Evaluating the feasibility and cost of connecting the wind or PV farm to the electrical grid, including necessary upgrades to local infrastructure.
  3. Financial Analysis
    • Cost Estimation: Detailed estimation of the project costs, including construction, operation, and maintenance expenses.
    • Revenue Projections: Forecasting revenue based on expected energy production, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and market conditions.
    • Financial Viability: Conducting a financial model to determine the project's return on investment, payback period, and sensitivity to changes in key assumptions.
  4. Regulatory and Legal Compliance
    • Permits and Approvals: Ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals from local, regional, and national authorities are obtained.
    • Contract Review: Evaluating all contracts related to the project, including those with suppliers, contractors, and off-takers.
    • Risk Management: Identifying potential legal risks and liabilities, and implementing measures to mitigate them.
  5. Operational Due Diligence
    • Operations and Maintenance Plan: Reviewing the plans for operations and maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability and efficiency.
    • Performance Monitoring: Setting up systems for ongoing performance monitoring and reporting to ensure the project operates as expected.


Conducting thorough due diligence is essential for the success of a RES project. It helps stakeholders make informed decisions, secure financing, and ensure regulatory compliance, thereby reducing risks and enhancing the project's overall viability and profitability. By meticulously evaluating every aspect of the project, from site selection to operational management, developers and investors can confidently proceed with their wind and PV energy ventures.