What we offer

WP provides comprehensive support for project developers throughout all phases of their projects. From aiding in the selection of optimal locations to optimizing project designs, obtaining necessary permits, and managing the entire project process, we offer a full suite of services to ensure successful project execution. Our expertise spans from initial planning and feasibility studies to construction oversight and post-construction evaluation, allowing developers to navigate each stage of their projects with confidence and efficiency.


Once your site has achieved a planning consent, Wind Prospect will prepare the site for commercialisation. This process includes ensuring the project adheres to relevant legislations - eg health and safety law; appropriate turbines are chosen for the conditions of the site; designs for the layout of the site are completed - both civil and electrical; and all contracts required for the supply of electricity are completed. By the end of this phase the wind farm will reach financial close and construction can begin.

Wind measurement campaign

  • Comprehensive service
  • Lattice mast, different heights
  • Lidar
  • Data monitoring

Turbine specification

  • Power curve noise warranty
  • Siting & certification
  • Grid code compliance
  • Transport & erection

Procurement & contracts

  • Turbine supply
  • Civil works
  • Electrical works
  • Balance of plant
  • Contestable works
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Power purchase agreement

Planning and environmental

  • Satisfying planning conditions
  • Ecology assessments and inspection
  • Construction method statements
  • Environmental management plans
  • Legal agreements
  • Consultation with statutory bodies
  • Amendments and applications

Electrical engineering

  • Electrical systems design
  • Electrical studies
  • System specification
  • Grid offer assessment & review

Civil engineering

  • Geotechnical specification & investigation
  • Infrastructure design
  • Turbine foundation design
  • Access studies
  • Highway approvals
  • Enviromental

Legal agreements

  • Leases & wayleaves
  • Third party agreements

Health, safety and environment

  • CDM coordinator for design phase
  • Designer assessment & review
  • Tender information pack
  • Environmental management plan