Auction results for onshore wind – November 2018

URE published results of the first auction for onshore wind.

Here are the main facts & figures:

  • Auction marked AZ/6/2018 took place November 5th 2018
  • Announced auction capacity – 45’000’000 MWh over 15 years period – which gives 1000 MW capacity if 3000 MWh/MW is assumed
  • According to different sources nearly 2000 MW participated in the auction
  • 23 projects were successful
  • Successful projects offered delivery of 41’996’772 MWh for the amount of 8’238’365’894 PLN
  • Cut off price was equal to 216.99 PLN/MWh
  • Average price for MWh was equal to 196.16 PLN/MWh
  • The lowest offered price was 157,80 PLN/MWh
  • Around 930 MW of new wind projects will be constructed in the nearest 2 years time

Taking into account current high wholesale energy prices it has to be noticed that successful offers are lower than expected by market. Onshore wind become the cheapest energy source in Poland and beat new coal fired power plants projects.

Who are the winners? The project owners which were successful in the auction are among the others: WPD, E.ON, Akuo Energy, EDPR, Siemens/Gamesa, Quadran, WKN, PGE, Innogy, OX2, Winnergy and Invall.