November 2018 PV auction results

URE published results of the third auction for projects with capacity up to 1MW.

Here are the main facts & figures:

  • Auction marked AZ/9/2018 took place November 12th 2018
  • Announced auction capacity – 16’065’000 MWh over 15 years period – which gives 1060 MW capacity if 1010 MWh/MW is assumed
  • According to different sources around 650 MW participated in the auction
  • 554 projects were successful
  • Successful projects offered delivery of 8’169’917 MWh for the amount of 2’878’556’631 PLN
  • Cut off price was equal to 364.99 PLN/MWh
  • Average price for MWh was equal to 352.33 PLN/MWh
  • The lowest offered price was 288,99 PLN/MWh
  • Around 540 MW of new PV projects will be constructed in the 2019-2020

Who are the winners? The project owners which were successful in the auction are among the others: 
Rpower, Wiatrel, ReneSola, Wento, GEO Renewables, Quadran, Solartechnik